How to make a love last with a West Midland escort  

Love is a feeling every one of us want to have. We only wish that the love of our life will be with us for a lifetime. Happy couples prove to us that a relationship can last if you know how to handle the connection. According to them, love, trust, and respect must always be in the center of relationship that no matter what you are going through do not cross each boundary. There are also couples failed to last the relationship because of many reasons, like pride, cheating, no time, no attention, etc. Break-up sucks, and it’s the most painful feeling. Many people wonder how did my relationship last with a West Midland escort from, simply be faithful.


My name is Jorj, not from West Midland but formerly in New York. I have a comfortable life and happy family. I grow up with my mom and dad. I am the only child, but I’m not a spoiled brat. I always promise myself to finish the study and make my parents proud. We have a comfortable life; my parents have a business, we have a big house, different cars but I am not the type of person that abused my parent’s hard work. I want to make my own and grow. Ever since I never had a girlfriend. I am picky regarding girls and observant. I am into more personality than the looks. And I believe beauty fades, but the attitude remains. We all want someone that will be with us, through ups and downs in life and never leave us alone. But I did not found that girl yet. Love is not a competition and has a deadline. I don’t feel pressure because it’s my life and wants it to be perfect. I move to West Midland to continue my study; I met Lanie a beautiful West Midland escort and entirely fantastic woman. She knows that men have chased her, but she chooses to humble herself. I like how she treats other people, and it’s a reflection of herself. She is my classmate, and we are always together since we both understand each other. She is easy to get along and also a brilliant woman, which I like the most. Eventually, we fell in love with each other and became a couple. I was never wrong about choosing her; she did everything to make our relationship work. We value so much our relationship and discuss everything. We agreed to be honest and fair at all costs. We promise not to give up and face the challenges together. We aim to finish studies and get married. We keep our relationship last because of we center our love and respect.

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